Welcome to Chris Frazier Photography! We don’t have to travel all over the world to find spectacular scenery and interesting wildlife. Most of us have wonderful places to see close by to where we live. My goal as a photographer is to share the natural world – the world we absolutely cannot survive and thrive without – with my viewers via my photography of the outdoor United States, and Colorado in particular. My hope is you will be inspired to see more of the outdoors yourself, enjoying what nature has to offer. And if that leads to a little bit more caring and interest in protecting a particularly favorite spot, a favorite animal, or maybe even the whole planet in some small way, then so much the better.

Climate change, the environmental ignorance of the republican party, species degradation, resource depletion, and the impacts of seven billion+ humans are real issues, happening now, and have major implications for our world and future. Even in my relatively small travels, I’ve seen photographed areas burned by wildfire, changed by invasive species, diminished by drought, impacted by development. We all, individually and collectively, must take more concrete and immediate steps to protect our ecosystems and environments NOW, as our own survival – as well as the planet’s – depends on our actions.

Chris Frazier